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Divi Resources

So you’re using Divi by Elegant Themes, are ya?  That’s good – That’s real good! Maybe it’s because you’re a client of ours, and that’s the theme we used in your build, or maybe you just found this page all by yourself – either way, welcome! But there are some things you might want, to go along with that.

Here are links to a few of those things, in one handy place – so you can find ’em easily, later.

First, Child themes.  If you’re going to customize, at all, you should use one. Making one is easy as pie, but with these tools, it’s even easier.

Now. Customizing Divi.

  • You’ll want to look at Dan Mossop’s Divi Booster – It puts a whole lot of Divi fixes and tweaks in one handy list.
  • CSS Hero also isn’t specific to Divi, but it’s optimized to work with Divi (and many, many other themes) and it’s an amazing tool to have.
  • Divi.space by Gritty Social has some great Divi plugins including their Module Editor.

And, I’ll add more later.


Things you might want to do: Change Column Stack Order on Mobile